How do changes come into existence?

Emergence and popularity of social media


The Mass Movements Are Making Revolutions All Around The World, And So Are In Canada

How do changes come into existence? When someone dares to challenge the current systems and is able to start a movement so strong that eventually, the change becomes inevitable. How do such movements gain strength and create the impact it is expected to? That is of course, by spreading its influence. As the movement reaches deeper into the society and farther in its geographical expanse, its result can be comparatively staggering. That is the power of Grassroots Movements. With the emergence and popularity of social media, it is in a fraction of a second that a movement gets born and becomes massive. It can turn down a government, pull down a political party, turn around a new business venture etc overnight. Nowadays, there are many grassroots movements organized to deliver justice to long-pending trials and suspicious involvements.
Since the beginning of democracy, a grassroots movement is being used by political parties and governments to promote their contestants in elections, spread any initiative or degrade the opposition parties. It is now common news that one leader or the other is organizing a region-wise or even nation-wide road rally to increase the vote share of the respective political party.
There was a recent movement amongst the students for the change of governance in a Canadian Council. The top officials and council members were always the elder generations who were not even aware of the progressive changes going around them in the city. They literally blocked the entry of youngsters by denying contestants. The Grassroots movement started soon and was spearheaded by their will-powered professors.

For a real bottom-up movement in Canada

Canada is a country with such a wide geography, far separated demography and highly influential political power. The climate varies from north to south and east to west and so is the attitude and lifestyle of people.


When a government rules there, it has to make extra effort to spread its message when they have to cover the bigger journeys. When the time available with you is less and the work to be done is more, you have to intelligently plan Grassroots movements supporting the causes and also promote them specifically for Canada.


Know your Canada and incorporate the following elements while organizing a Grassroots movement in Canada for your government or party


• Divide the country into regions based on any particular feature which will affect the impact of the movement. For example, you are encouraging the people to contribute to an international disaster fund, then the division should be based on the affected regions and social and economic strata in different places.


• Research on the current issues burning with the society and focus on them depending on the region where the movement is being organized.
• Make a highly regarded person as the face of the event so that the people can easily associate with the cause and the movement.
• Do not make it a promotion campaign, make it an action campaign instead so that the participants will work themselves to make the difference.

And it arrived as promised:

• What are the target participants? Here are some examples. If you want a reform at the council level, collect the youngsters and listen to their ideas. Let the young and energetic lead the fast-reforming city. Do you want to save the melting ices of the north? Spread the science and the effort to the willing lovers of nature and inhabitants. The cyclone has uprooted the trees and destroyed the means of transport, communication, and livelihood. Weeks after, the relief efforts are at snail’s pace from the authorities’ front. Organize among the victims and the volunteers, for they can make their own effort and exert pressure on the ruling front to restore your land back to shape.
• Methods of crowd-pulling should depend on the place of demonstration. In a currently ongoing women’s movement, public support was gained by holding dances and blocking railway lines. The uprising for stopping discrimination has become international now.
Grassroots movements have carved their own genre in Canada and that is evident from the success of mass activities like the Idle No More, Fight for $15, March On Canada and many more. Some like the Idle No More was started by just four aboriginal women and has now spread worldwide. The social acceptance of these ideas can be exemplified by the win of political leader Doug Ford to lead one of the largest provinces in Canada, with the party’s Grassroots movement doing most of the role.

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